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2007 Apr 24 Tue, 2007 8:38pm
Are You Feeling Lucky? PittStop Lindy Hop 7!
November 16-18, 2007
Log on. Get Lucky.

Additional Details Coming Soon!

2007 Aug 26 Sun, 2007 12:05pm
We have been working hard to top ourselves and make PittStop 7 the best PittStop ever! Check out our band line-up...

Cangelosi Cards:
Huge up-and-comers on the swing dance circuit, hailing from New York City. They feature a great old-time feel, with emphasis on strings, and a singer that will knock your socks off. They swing HARD, and we worked hard to get them for you this year.

Rick Matt Project:
A frequent member of the PittStop lineup, this Pittsburgh band always plays a great lineup of swinging jazz. This band is the favorite of a number of our dancers.

Boilermaker Jazz Band:
We're sure you've heard of them. They're in huge demand all along the East Coast, but based in Pittsburgh. You'll love their sound at PittStop, where they'll have a few new surprises and extended Boilermaker band members up their sleeves.

Sweaty Betty Blues Band:
You probably heard this Pittsburgh band at a late night at PittStop VI. A huge success, they blew everybody away. Only the DJ's in the alternative room rued their existence, since the dancers only wanted Sweaty Betty.

5 Guys Named Moe with Kenny Blake:
5 Guys Named Moe is one of Pittsburgh's mainstay swing bands, and feature a classic swing sound remeniscent of Sinatra, Louis Jordan, and Louie Prima. The addition of "Steeltown sax sensation" Kenny Blake for PittStop makes them all the more interesting. This combo was a great hit last year.

Check out our website for additional information and updates

Online registration will be open shortly! See you on the dance floor in November!


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