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2007 May 5 Sat, 2007 3:44pm

The Beantown Camp early registration due date is this Wednesday, May 9!! Now is the time to register if you have not already done so. If you have registered and paid a deposit, May 9 is also the due date for full payments. Avoid late fees and sign up now!! Payments may be made on-line using PayPal or by mail postmarked by May 9.

It is still possible to register after May 9 for an additional late fee. Please keep in mind that there are limitations from the college campus on adding late registrations when it gets closer to the start of camp. We do not want to turn anyone away but may be forced to do so. PLEASE REGISTER EARLY!!!

Also, some of the housing options have been filling. Woodside Townhouses are sold out, there are only a few rooms remaining in the Williston Townhouses, and Kennedy is also getting close to filled. Check out the accommodation page on the web site for more information on the housing options.

You can find all of the details and latest information on the Beantown web site, including videos:

So far we have people coming from 23 states and 5 countries. Don't miss out on this phenomenal gathering of dancers, instructors, DJs and musicians! There are classes for all levels of experience, including beginners. Beautiful campus, dances, classes, competitions and many other fun activities planned. It is going to be awesome!

Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

11th Annual Beantown Lindy Hop Summer Camp 2007
Endicott College, 376 Hale Street, Beverly, MA 01915
Thursday, June 21 - Wednesday, June 27, 2007

  • Choose A Registration Package
    - Weekend (with two optional add-ons)
    - Extended Weekend
    - or stay for the Whole, non-stop Shebang!
  • World Class Instructors
    - Ryan Francois & Jenny Thomas (England)
    - Sylvia Sykes & Nick Williams (CA)
    - Eric Fenn (Movement) (CA)
    - Kenneth & Helena Norbelie (Sweden)
    - Peter Strom & Ramona Staffeld (MN & NY)
    - Todd Yannacone & Naomi Uyama (CA & DC)
    - Marty Klempner & Valerie Salstrom (OH)
    - Jane Ford (MD)
    - Jennifer Coulombe (Stretching) (NC)
    - Max Pitruzzella & Annie Trudeau (Canada)
    - Aidan Fisher & Evita Arce (Canada & NY)
  • Lindy Hop Track Classes (6 progressive levels)
  • Balboa Mini-Track Classes (3 progressive levels)
  • Optional Classes with Multiple Choices
    Jazz Routine, '20s Charleston, African, Big Apple, Aerials,
    Collegiate Shag, Blues, WCS, and more
  • Classes for All Levels (including beginner)
  • 3 Nights of Live Music
    - Beantown Swing Orchestra (MA)
    - Boilermaker Jazz Orchestra (PA)
  • A Great Mix of Fabulous DJs
    - Mike Smith (Head DJ) (MA)
    - Rayned Wiles (MD)
    - Jon Callahan (CO)
    - Joel Domoe (OH)
    - Mike Hibarger (MA)
    - Didier Jean-Francois (Canada)
    - Matt Jones (TX)
    - Marty Klempner (OH)
    - Valerie Salstrom (OH)
    - Peter Strom (MN)
    - Stan Tso (VA)
  • 6th Annual Northeast Lindy Hop Championships
    Balboa, Solo Charleston, Strictly Lindy Slow and Fast,
    Intermediate and Advanced Jack & Jill,
    New England Regional ALHC Qualifier
  • Judges
    - Joel Domoe (Chief Judge) (OH)
    - David Coulombe (NC)
    - Jennifer Coulombe (NC)
    - Jane Ford (MD)
    - Ryan Francois (England)
    - Helena Norbelie (Sweden)
    - Kenneth Norbelie (Sweden)
    - Sylvia Sykes (CA)
    - Jenny Thomas (England)
  • Special Presentation and Book Signing
    The Legendary King of Swing... Frankie Manning
    with Frankie Manning & Cynthia Millman
  • MCs
    - Jon Callahan (CO)
    - Dave Lasagna (MA)
    - Tony Tye (MA)
  • Performances
  • Beantown Cafe & Game Room
  • Broadway Night
  • Beantown Idol, Season 2
  • Camp Barbecue
  • Ice Cream Party
  • Late Night Dancing
  • 3 Quality Meals Per Day
  • Multiple Housing Options
  • Beautiful Coastal Setting
  • Private Beaches
  • Air-Conditioned Dance Spaces
  • Surprises!


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