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2007 Oct 11 Thu, 2007 12:16pm
save the date!! Utah is having another tremendous exchange. jan 25-27 2008. registration opens oct 15th. 20+ hours of dancing, the polygamy lindy contest, and 13 ski and snowboard resorts, you can't go wrong!!! visit
2007 Oct 15 Mon, 2007 4:52pm
ULX registration is live today!

But guess what?

Our website is really ugly. We'll have a nifty design up by Tuesday night-ish, but for now it's ugly.

So guess what that means? It means if you register before the real design is up you save $20!

So register before Tuesday night and pay $45. Pay after that and it goes up to $55. Wait until December and it goes up to $65.

ULX 2008: Powered by awesome. What does that mean? It means it's more fun than fuzzy ear muffs*.

* You might want ear muffs. It gets cold in January. But that cold is good for snow. We like snow. Especially snow in the mountains, which we get a lot of. You can ski and snowboard and go sledding on snow in the mountains.


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