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2008 Sep 6 Sat, 2008 4:36pm
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Joe and Nelle possess an aesthetic quality that flourishes as a dance couple. They continually train, travel and teach worldwide, study Blues history and dance clips, choreograph, perform, and innovate new dance movements and techniques. They pride themselves with basing their dance on original blues styles while continually striving for new ideas. Specializing in Drag Blues, their dancing is a perfect combination of beauty and style.

DVD 1: Drag Blues
This introductory video will provide an excellent foundation in Drag Blues while furthering your skills and appreciation of its vibrant possibilities. You will learn fundamental movements and techniques along with dynamic combinations that focus on partner connection.

DVD 2: Moves for Drag Blues
Moves for Drag Blues centers on difficult moves and combinations with a focus on partnered connection and momentum flow. Take your blues dancing to the next level with these dynamic movements!


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